White Composite Fillings

White Composite Fillings

White Composite Fillings are made of resins that are pretty. Tooth colored fillings have almost replaced silver fillings. People still have silver and mercury fillings. But silver and mercury are not very pretty. Also silver and mercury fillings can result in weaker teeth. White tooth fillings bond to the tooth so the tooth will be stronger after your visit. White fillings cost more than metal fillings.

Replace Silver Fillings

If you have silver fillings we can help you get a whiter smile. It’s hard to tell white composite fillings from your own teeth. If your silver fillings are failing call us. We want to talk about changing your silver fillings to white.

When silver fillings wear down, teeth will form cavities. With age, silver fillings expand and contract. Then they split. So we recommend white fillings. New bonding methods make white fillings are pretty and strong.

With metal fillings deeper grooves must be created before filling the tooth. So more of the tooth is removed than with white fillings. Metal fillings are not as strong as white fillings. White composite fillings are made of acrylic and glass. They are natural looking and harden quickly. With white composite fillings patients can eat and drink right after they leave without worrying about damaging their new fillings.