dentist and woman imageAt Konikoff Dentistry we’re passionately committed to staying current with the latest in technological advancements and specialty services.

By staying on the leading edge, we are continually ensuring that our procedures are more comfortable, less invasive, more dependable and far more natural looking than ever before. Invisalign, digital x-rays and the latest innovations in tooth implants are just some of the procedures and methodologies in use at Konikoff Dentistry. Procedures you might remember having taken multiple trips to a dentist or required multiple health care providers before can often be performed in the comfort of one office by one Konikoff dentist or with one of our in-house specialists. We have on-site oral maxillofacial surgeons with operatory suites and the ability to offer in-practice IV Sedation. We have a children’s specialty practice, Konikoff Kids has two wonderful pediatric dentists – Another Konikoff Difference that makes our patients smile.