Nachiket Saoji D.D.S. MS. Endodontist

Root canals eliminate tooth pain

Dr. Nachiket Saoji

Many patients hear the words “root canal” and automatically pain comes to mind.

However, a root canal is usually needed when the patient is in pain. So, the patient comes to me in pain. It can be due to trauma or clenching and grinding, which create fractures in teeth. Bacteria then invade the nerves in the teeth. All this leads to a lot of sensitivity or pain.

Before starting a root canal, an endodontist numbs the patient completely so the actual root canal procedure is completely painless.

Many patients are scared and often ask me why it wouldn’t be better to pull the tooth instead of getting a root canal. My answer is: Why not save a natural, God-given tooth if we can predict a good, long term prognosis by doing a root canal?

Patient comfort comes first during a root canal.

I like to talk to each patient and understand their concerns and make them comfortable.

I always sit down with my patients and explain everything that is going to happen during the root canal procedure. If a patient is in excruciating pain, I will numb them up first so they can learn about the procedure and ask me questions without the distraction of pain.

Sometimes, a patient will spend their first appointment learning about the procedure. They come back another day to have the root canal. It’s good to put your mind at ease.

Root canals eliminate pain by removing infection.

Once a patient is completely numb, I remove any infected pulp inside the tooth from a tiny hole on top. I use a microscope to make sure I remove all infected blood vessels, tissues and nerves and fill it with a biocompatible material.

Root canals can take from 20 minutes to an hour to finish. Sometimes, it takes two appointments to complete. Patients might feel a little soreness after the procedure but the pain from their infection is gone. The next step is to go back to their Konikoff dentist for a filling or crown. As a member of the Konikoff staff, I work closely with the referring dentists here to give our patients the best dental care. It’s easy for dentists to refer patients to me and to schedule appointments.

It’s always best to stay up to date with your check ups and see a dentist promptly if you have a problem. The sooner we can treat an infected or cracked tooth, the more likely we can save it.


Dr. Nachiket Saoji sees patients at Konikoff Dentistry’s Volvo Parkway location in Chesapeake. He specializes in endodontic care. Call (757) 510-1177.