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Does a throbbing tooth keep you up at night? Have you broken or damaged a filling? These uncomfortable situations are often considered dental emergencies. When seeking relief, you may wonder, “How can I get affordable emergency dental care near me?” You’ll likely find the answer at our practice.

Where Can I Find an Emergency Dental Center?

When emergency symptoms arise, there’s no need to remain in pain. In fact, waiting to see if the issue disappears by itself can cause even more damage to your teeth and gums. Visit emergency dentists in Chesapeake for comprehensive care during regularly scheduled business hours. If you come to our office during normal business hours, we’ll do our best to treat you as quickly as possible. Don’t wait until your pain forces you to ask, “Is there a quality emergency dental office near me?”

What is Emergency Dental Care?

Emergency dental care includes any urgent procedure or treatment that immediately resolves a patient’s pain or repairs damage to the teeth. In many cases, these emergencies can lead to more extensive problems or even permanent damage if left untreated. When you suspect a dental emergency, call our office for affordable emergency dental services. Some of our urgent dental care options include:

  • Toothache treatment and treatment for other types of oral pain
  • Teeth extractions, including wisdom teeth removal
  • Repair of structurally damaged teeth
  • Replacement fillings and crowns
  • Pain management for orthodontic discomfort
  • Treatment of oral infections

When It’s Time to See Our Emergency Dentists

Does my condition warrant emergency care? Should I go to an emergency dental office near me?

When you’re experiencing oral discomfort, it’s important to seek treatment as quickly as possible. Emergency dental services may be required if you experience the following conditions:

Damaged Teeth

If your teeth have been broken, fractured, or otherwise structurally compromised, seeing a dentist quickly can help prevent infection. Cover any jagged edges with wax, and contact our office to book your visit.

Displaced Teeth

A tooth that has fallen out due to a sports injury or other incident can often be re-implanted. We recommend that patients locate all available pieces of the tooth and carefully rinse them with warm water. If you can, insert the knocked-out tooth into its socket.

Severe Oral Pain

When you have a severe toothache, it can indicate an infection, cavity, or other oral health problem. Emergency dentists can pinpoint the cause of the pain and relieve your discomfort.

Sensitive Teeth

Do you experience extreme sensitivity when eating or drinking? You may have a fractured or infected tooth. Any case of severe sensitivity should be evaluated by emergency dentists.


A common oral health problem, cavities are caused by decay that exposes the tooth’s root, causing intense oral pain. Emergency dentists in Chesapeake will determine the cause of the cavity and provide appropriate treatment.

Dental Abscess

A serious condition, an abscessed tooth occurs when severe tooth decay or gum disease has infected the tooth’s root. With this condition, you may experience swelling, fever, bad breath, or swelling around the neck. Give our office a call right away if you suspect an abscess.

Missing Fillings

If you’ve lost a tooth filling, you may have noticed sensitivity around the affected area. Plus, the tooth is more vulnerable to damage without the filling in place. Please visit local emergency dentists for a replacement.

Lost Restorations or Broken Tooth Crowns

Restorations or crowns that have become damaged may cause cosmetic problems with your smile and leave the area more susceptible to damage. We’ll provide a temporary or permanent appliance that protects your beautiful smile.

Discomfort Caused by Braces

Many braces wearers experience pain or gum irritation because of metal wires and brackets. If your appliance has become uncomfortable to wear, visit emergency dentists for an adjustment.

Teeth Grinding

Grinding your teeth each night can wear down the enamel over time. This may cause sensitivity that persists when you eat or drink. An emergency dental office can provide night guards and other solutions that can alleviate sensitivity caused by tooth grinding.

Sinus Pressure

Did you know that sinus pain and pressure can sometimes have a dental cause? If you’re experiencing sinus pain that’s accompanied by a toothache, it’s important to seek emergency dental care in order to rule out infection or wisdom teeth complications.

Handling a Serious Dental Emergency

My symptoms are very severe. I don’t know if I should wait before getting emergency dental care near me. Should I go to the hospital?

Severe dental injuries and conditions require immediate, specialized care that sometimes can’t be administered by an emergency dental office. If you’re experiencing any of the following conditions, visit an area hospital or call 911 for assistance.

  • Persistent, intense swelling of the gums or face
  • Bleeding that persists
  • An injury to the head, teeth, or jaw

How Much Does It Cost to See Emergency Dentists?

The cost of services provided by emergency dentists in Chesapeake varies for every patient. The charges will depend on the condition of your teeth and gums, the type of treatment needed to resolve your symptoms, and whether your insurance covers urgent dental services. Remember, low cost emergency dental care is possible even without insurance coverage. If you’re looking for affordable, urgent dental care in a welcoming atmosphere, call us now to explore your payment options.

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