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Do you know the signs of a dental health emergency? Whether you’ve misplaced a tooth filling or have an unpleasant toothache, seeing a dentist as quickly as possible is the best way to resolve your symptoms. Know that our dental office is available to help if you’re wondering, “How can I find emergency dental care near me?” The emergency dentists in Virginia Beach treat a host of urgent dental conditions, including dental infections and wisdom teeth complications.

Where Should I Go for Emergency Dental Treatment?

When a dental emergency happens, there’s no need to remain in pain. Trying to see if your symptoms disappear on their own may lead to more extensive damage. The experienced emergency dentists in Virginia Beach provide a host of urgent dental services during regular operating hours. Our dental office offers convenient appointment times and works to schedule emergency patients the same day they call. When you say to yourself, “I need to find a family-friendly emergency dental practice near me,” contact our practice to find out more about our services.

What Services Are Considered Urgent Dental Care?

Emergency dental services typically include any procedure, medication, or other treatment that rapidly relieves a patient’s oral pain. These services also include repair of damaged teeth and more intensive treatment for infections. Some of the emergency dental care options offered by our dental practice include:

  • Emergency wisdom teeth extractions
  • Repair or removal of damaged teeth
  • Pain relief for oral discomfort or pressure
  • Adjustments for traditional metal braces
  • Replacement tooth fillings, crowns, and other restorations

When Do You Need Emergency Dental Care?

How do I know when it’s time to find an emergency dental office near me? What are the conditions that should be addressed by emergency dentists?

If you’re experiencing oral pain or other symptoms, you may be wondering if your situation requires emergency dental care. Here are a few conditions and symptoms that should be treated by emergency dentists in Virginia Beach:

Fractured, Cracked, or Broken Tooth

A tooth that has been broken, fractured, or cracked should be examined by emergency dentists. When you receive treatment quickly, it greatly increases the chances of saving the tooth. If your damaged tooth has pointed edges, use dental wax to keep the tooth from cutting your tongue or cheek.

Avulsed (Knocked-Out) Teeth

Accidentally knocking out a tooth can be a stressful experience. However, knocked-out teeth often can be saved with the help of an experienced dentist. If possible, place the tooth back into its socket; if the tooth is broken into several pieces, gather as many as you can and bring them to your appointment.

Severe Oral Pain

A persistent toothache should never be ignored. Call our office for treatment if you’re suffering from oral discomfort or feelings of pressure. Normally, emergency dentists will determine the source of the pain and provide the appropriate treatment.

Sensitive Teeth

While occasional oral sensitivity might not be cause for alarm, a tooth that suddenly becomes painful may be infected or damaged. Give an emergency dental office a call if you experience sudden oral sensitivity.

Tooth Decay (Cavities)

When tooth decay leads to large cavities, the tooth’s root becomes exposed. This can lead to a severe toothache that must be treated by a dentist. We’ll provide treatment for the cavity and repair the affected tooth.

Dental Abscess

A severe oral infection, an abscess can form when severe tooth decay or gum disease is left untreated. Symptoms of an abscess include foul breath, swollen neck glands, open or draining sores, and fever. This infection can lead to complications if treatment is postponed, so call available emergency dentists immediately if you’re experiencing these symptoms.

Loose or Lost Tooth Fillings

Sometimes, tooth fillings become dislodged, causing sensitivity around the affected tooth. The emergency dentists near you can provide a natural-looking replacement to protect your tooth.

Lost or Damaged Crowns and Restorations

If you’ve lost or damaged a crown or restoration, you may notice aesthetic flaws in your smile. In addition to the cosmetic issues, missing crowns or restorations leave the affected area vulnerable to decay or injury. Restore your smile with a permanent or temporary solution from our practice.

Discomfort Caused by Braces

Many braces wearers experience irritation or discomfort due to metal brackets and wires. If the pain has become unmanageable, visit our office for a solution. We may be able to adjust your braces for a more comfortable fit.

Worn Tooth Enamel

Do you grind your teeth while sleeping? Over time, this can break down the tooth enamel, causing sensitivity. Fortunately, a mouth guard or enamel reinforcement from our practice can reduce soreness caused by tooth grinding.

Pressure and Pain Around the Sinuses

The teeth and sinuses share a complex relationship. If your persistent sinus pressure is accompanied by a toothache, book an appointment with emergency dentists. We’ll rule out dental-related causes, such as an impacted wisdom tooth or oral infection.

How to Handle a Serious Dental Emergency

My symptoms seem very severe. How do I know when it’s time to call for immediate help instead of finding an emergency dental office near me?

Some situations require immediate, specialized treatment that can’t always be administered at an emergency dental office. If you are experiencing these conditions or symptoms, seek immediate help through 911 or a local emergency room:

  • Severely swollen gums, or intense swelling of the face
  • Bleeding that doesn’t stop
  • A sudden and painful head, neck, teeth, or jaw injury

How Much Do Emergency Dental Services Cost?

At our practice, protecting your dental health is our top priority. However, we understand that cost is a primary concern among our urgent dental care patients. In general, the cost of emergency dental care is calculated based on your insurance plan, the severity of your injuries or condition, and whether follow-up visits are necessary. It’s also important to note that affordable emergency services are possible even without insurance. Contact our practice to learn more about our services the next time you ask, “Is there affordable emergency dental care near me?”

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