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Canker and cold sores, along with other types of oral lesions, are uncomfortable and can also impact your ability to speak and eat properly. New advancements in laser technology allow dentists to treat oral lesions in a way that is fast and comfortable, allowing patients to get back to their normal lives quickly. At Konikoff Dental Associates Edinburgh locations, Biolase® is the advanced laser therapy tool of choice.

Home remedies, topical products, medications and chemicals were all utilized in the past to treat mouth lesions. However, many of these treatment methods weren’t effective or comfortable. Receiving laser therapy to for oral lesions cuts off the issue at its source and allows for a faster healing process to occur. If you’d like to learn more about the different causes and symptoms of lesions and how they can be successfully treated via laser dentistry, continue reading.

Different Kinds of Lesions

Were you aware of the fact that there are different types of oral lesions? Some types of lesions are common and are nothing to worry about, while other types are less common and may signify a more serious problem. Here we will explore the different types of oral lesions.

Canker Sores

A canker sore (also referred to as an aphthous ulcer) is a common type of lesion that forms on the base of your gums or on any oral soft tissues present within the mouth. Even though a canker sore can cause a great deal of pain, it is harmless. You should contact your dentist if you have a canker sore that lasts longer than two weeks.

Cold Sores

A cold sore (also referred to as a fever blister) is a lesion caused by the herpes simplex virus. This is a common viral infection that causes blisters filled with fluid to form on or near your lips. In most cases, a cold sore will heal on its own within three weeks.


A hemangioma is a non-cancerous lesion that is more commonly referred to as a birthmark. These bright red marks are rubbery in appearance and contain extra blood vessels. A hemangioma can form anywhere. While it is rare for them to appear in the oral cavity, it is possible.


A lesion caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) is considered to be precancerous. This is because HPV changes healthy cells into abnormal ones. This common sexually transmitted disease has over 100 strains, and some of them affect the throat and mouth. Oral HPV lesions sometimes present with symptoms such as swollen lymph nodes, sore throat, earaches, difficulty swallowing and more.

The Benefits of Laser Therapy for Mouth Lesion Treatments

Receiving oral lesions treatment via laser dentistry offers many advantages. The main benefits of this type of treatment include:

  • More precision than other treatments, leading to the preservation of healthy tissues.
  • Less anesthesia is required.
  • Reduces gum tissue trauma.
  • A procedure that is relatively pain and discomfort free.
  • Less time required than other treatment methods.
  • Works faster than other treatments.
  • Assists in promoting faster healing times.
  • Lessens the need for medication to be prescribed.

How Are Mouth Lesions Diagnosed?

Before you can receive laser dentistry for oral lesions, you need to be diagnosed by your dentist. To do this, your dentist will examine your oral cavity for any signs of lumps, bumps or abnormalities that could be of concern. Clinical photographs and x-rays may also be taken of your mouth.

Most of the time, the type of lesion you have is readily apparent. If your dentist sees anything concerning, he or she will perform a soft tissue biopsy. The procedure for this consists of the dentist removing a tiny portion of the impacted tissue to be submitted to a laboratory for further testing. The biopsy is generally done at the same time that your laser therapy is performed.

How Oral Lesions Are Treated

Before your oral lesions treatment, your dentist will give you a localized anesthetic to numb the area that is to be worked on. The dentist will then program the laser to a wavelength that will keep your healthy tissues intact. The laser will then be utilized to cut out the lesion and cauterize the tissue surrounding it. You will most likely experience pain relief immediately following the procedure.

Laser Dentistry Treatment for Viral Lesions: A Case Study

Before the days of laser dentistry treatment, viral lesions were typically treated via the use of medications. Dentistry Today featured a case study that shows the tremendous benefits of using laser therapy to treat viral lesions of the mouth.

In the article, a 32-year-old male patient was experiencing a burning pain along his upper dental arch. This pain was interfering with routine activities like eating, speaking and sleeping. His dentist diagnosed him with an outbreak of the herpes simplex virus.

The patient was then treated via laser therapy with the Epic X diode laser from Biolase. Throughout the treatment process, the patient reported feeling some warmth, but also stated that he didn’t experience any pain or burning while being treated. After the laser therapy was finished, the patient was asked to come back on the following day to see if a second round of treatment would be needed.

On the next day, the patient returned to the office as instructed. He told his dentist that the pain and discomfort he had been feeling had disappeared. He also told the dentist that he had been able to resume his routine activities without any kind of issue. Upon examining the patient, the dentist found that the area had healed significantly and that the lesions weren’t as inflamed as they had been on the previous day.

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