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Taking proper care of your teeth and gums on a routine basis will keep your smile healthy. Unfortunately, there are times when a tooth can’t be saved due to damage or disease. In these cases, the dentist will recommend that a dental extraction be done.

Is a Tooth Extraction a Normal Dental Procedure?

A tooth extraction is a type of oral surgery that removes the tooth from the ligaments that attach it to the jawbone. By doing this, the dentist is able to take the entire tooth out so that the patient’s tooth pain or infection is removed.

Why Do I Need to Have an Extraction Done?

Getting a tooth pulled is a routine procedure that is often recommended in the following circumstances:

Broken Or Cracked Teeth

Broken or cracked teeth are a common dental injury. These injuries occur when the mouth is injured or when the patient has bitten down on something hard enough to break the tooth. While severe cases may require a tooth to be extracted, milder forms of damage can usually be remedied with a crown.

Cavities or Severe Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is another cause of teeth extractions. Tooth decay is caused by plaque that forms after eating and drinking. Plaque is usually taken care of by frequent brushing of the teeth. Failure to take care of plaque leads to cavities, which are caused by the plaque destroying the tooth’s enamel. Cavities can be treated with fillings, crowns or by dental extractions.

Advanced Gum Disease

Gum disease is also known as periodontal disease. This infection of the gums is also caused by plaque. In severe cases, the gums begin to separate from the teeth, causing tooth loss. Tooth removal is often recommended when patients are in the advanced stages of periodontal disease.

Baby Teeth Won’t Fall Out

On occasion, a child’s permanent tooth becomes trapped under a baby tooth that won’t come out by itself. When this happens, the dentist may recommend pulling the tooth so that the new tooth can come through properly.

Crowded Teeth

Tooth extraction is usually recommended before braces or other orthodontic treatments are installed. Braces are needed when there is a severe overcrowding of teeth within the mouth, leading to the teeth being misaligned.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

While it may sound nice to have an extra set of molars, many people don’t have the room required for them to grow in properly. This can cause the wisdom teeth to become stuck under the gums or the teeth, causing pain and even infection. In complicated cases, our dentist may refer you to an oral surgeon to have your wisdom teeth pulled.

What Will a Tooth Extraction Cost?

The costs for having a tooth pulled may vary. You can talk to our staff members to learn about how you can affordably have the dental extraction you need performed. We offer payment plans and special offers on many procedures. Check with us to see if your dental health insurance provider is accepted by our practice.

What Aftercare is Necessary?

Our team will let you know what you need to do after your dental extraction surgery. You will usually need to rest for at least a day. Soft foods are also recommended. Our dentist will give you a prescription for painkillers.

How Long Will Tooth Extraction Healing Take?

It generally takes up to one or two days for you to heal from a dental extraction. It may take longer for you to heal if you’ve had extensive extraction work done.

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Our friendly and professional staff is just a phone call away. At our office, you will receive an x-ray and a full exam by one of our dentists. These will help us to determine what treatments are necessary for you to have the healthy teeth you deserve.

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