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If your sleep is interrupted by loud snoring or disruptions in breathing, it could have a long-term impact on your health. When you suspect the signs of sleep apnea in South Hampton Roads, call our office for treatment. We’ll help you achieve a better night’s sleep with our custom-made appliances.

What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a disorder that causes your breathing to stop during sleep, which limits the oxygen your body receives. Over time, airflow obstruction can cause drowsiness, chronic headaches, and other uncomfortable symptoms. This condition can occur at any age, but people over 40 are more likely to be affected.

What Are Sleep Apnea Symptoms?

If you or your partner experience the following signs of apnea, it may be time to visit a dentist. Common symptoms include:

  • Frequent snoring
  • Breathing that pauses during sleep
  • Gasping for air or choking during sleep
  • Headaches after waking up
  • Feeling exhausted throughout the day
  • Waking up with dryness in the mouth or a sore throat

Common Sleep Apnea Causes

The throat muscles remain stiff when you’re awake, promoting air flow into the lungs. However, these muscles become relaxed when you’re asleep. This can sometimes narrow your throat and obstruct the flow of air. Apnea is also associated with the following risk factors:

  • Carrying excess weight
  • Being male
  • Family history of apnea
  • A neck size larger than 16 inches

What Sleep Apnea Treatment Options are Available?

Mild cases of sleep apnea in South Hampton Roads often can be treated by lifestyle changes, including weight loss and sleeping on the side. In addition to adopting new lifestyle habits, a dental appliance may be recommended to promote air flow. These appliances are provided by a dentist and often provide relief from snoring or paused breathing. Advanced cases of apnea may require surgery to expand the soft palate. If you’re experiencing signs of apnea while sleeping, contact our office to schedule an appointment. Our dentists will evaluate the severity of your case and determine the proper course of treatment.

Dental Appliances

How Does an Oral Appliance for Sleep Apnea Work?

A sleep apnea mouthpiece is similar to a mouth guard or retainer you wear at night or during sports. These mouthpieces are only worn while sleeping and are used to gently keep your jaw in a comfortable, forward position. This expands your airway, minimizing snoring and breathing problems.

What Do Oral Appliances Cost?

The cost of an oral appliance for sleep apnea in South Hampton Roads depends on the type of device required and your insurance coverage. Our dentists and team members will help you find a solution that meets your needs. Please give us a call to learn more about oral appliance pricing and payment options.

Why Should You Get Oral Appliance Therapy Treatment?

Oral appliance therapy provides many benefits that can improve your health as well as the quality of your sleep. Our custom-made oral appliances are easy to use and clean, and they’re completely portable for travel. Plus, using a sleep apnea appliance is a non-invasive treatment option that can improve your sleep without the need for surgery. If you’re wondering whether an oral appliance is right for you, give our office a call for more information.

Does Insurance Cover Oral Appliance Therapy?

Many insurance providers will cover some or all of the cost of a sleep apnea mouth guard. When considering oral appliance therapy, we recommend contacting your provider to find out what coverage options are available. You also can call our practice for more information.

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