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At our office, we try to save a patient’s natural tooth, but there are times when a root canal or gum disease treatment has a poor prognosis and a tooth extraction is the best option. Our dentist will perform a dental extraction, which is a much simpler procedure that many people realize. Once your tooth is numb, our dentist moves it back and forth to loosen the tooth and then uses forceps to pull the tooth. You will not feel any pain, only a slight pressure from the rocking.

How Much Will it Cost to Get a Tooth Pulled?

Several factors influence your tooth extraction cost, including whether you need a simple or surgical extraction and whether you have dental insurance that may cover a portion of the cost. Call us for an exam, and our dentist will let you know what your extraction will cost if it is a simple extraction that can be done in our office.

What is a Surgical Tooth Extraction?

Surgical extractions require an incision, and are completed while you are under a general anesthetic. This is required because the tooth hasn’t emerged from the gum or the tooth has broken above the gum line.

When is Getting a Tooth Pulled the Only Option Left?

We will pull a tooth when the tooth’s prognosis is very poor and there is no treatment that can save it. There are other reasons to extract a tooth, like those outlined in the following sections.

When Do Broken, Decayed or Cracked Teeth Have to Be Extracted?

Irreversible pulpitis, when the nerve is dead, is usually caused by severe decay, but can also occur with a broken or cracked tooth. It can render a tooth beyond repair.

Why Would a Child Have a Baby Tooth Pulled?

Sometimes baby teeth will not fall out, even though the adult tooth is trying to emerge. Baby teeth are also subject to decay. If your child has a painful cavity that is too large to fill in a baby tooth, your dentist may suggest an extraction.

If I Have a Loose Tooth Caused by Gum Disease Can I Have a Dentist Pull It?

If you have advanced gum disease and periodontal treatment options have failed, our dentist will pull any painful loose teeth that you have if you call us to schedule an exam.

When Do Wisdom Teeth Need an Extraction?

Wisdom teeth, have a habit of emerging, or trying to emerge, when there is no room to accommodate them. In cases where our dentist can get a hold of the tooth to pull it, we can do the extraction here. If the wisdom teeth have not emerged and they will require a more invasive procedure, our dentist will refer you to a trusted oral surgeon.

What Are the Orthodontic Reasons for Teeth Extractions?

When your mouth is overcrowded, teeth grow in misaligned. If you decide to get braces or another orthodontic appliance, you may need a tooth removal so that the braces have room to align the remaining teeth.

What Are the Typical Post-extraction Instructions?

Our dentist will provide you with specific instructions regarding OTC medicines for pain relief and ice to reduce the swelling. During the first 24 hours, it is vital to follow the instructions our dentist provides so a blood clot forms. Don’t smoke or do anything that causes suction and don’t engage in any rigorous activities.

What is the Normal Tooth Extraction Healing Time for a Simple Tooth Extraction?

A simple dental extraction only takes one to two weeks to heal if you follow the aftercare instructions. If your child has a baby tooth extracted, he or she will heal in two to three days.

For a careful tooth extraction in South Hampton Roads from an experienced dentist, call our office to schedule your appointment.

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