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A dental emergency can be a very uncomfortable situation. If persistent feelings of pain or pressure are keeping you up at night, you’ll probably say, “I need to find affordable emergency dental care near me.” Fortunately, the relief you need can be found at our practice. Local, experienced emergency dentists will treat your symptoms quickly, allowing you to resume your normal activities.

Where Can I Find an Emergency Dentist?

When you’re experiencing oral pain or other symptoms of a dental emergency, there’s no need to suffer. In fact, postponing treatment can sometimes result in more serious complications. With a visit to an emergency dental office, you’ll receive prompt treatment and pain relief, if necessary. The emergency dentists in South Hampton Roads work to see urgent dental care patients as quickly as possible, with same-day appointments available. Don’t let oral pain disrupt your daily life. The next time you’re wondering, “How can I receive emergency dental care near me,” call us now to make an appointment.

What is Emergency Dental Care?

If you have dental symptoms that must be addressed as quickly as possible, it’s likely that you need emergency dental care. Emergency treatment alleviates or eliminates symptoms caused by injuries, tooth decay, or infection. The emergency dentists in South Hampton Roads can repair your teeth following an accident or treat painful infections. Here are some of the additional treatment options provided at our emergency dental office:

  • Treatment for oral pain caused by injuries or severe tooth decay
  • Extraction of damaged or injured teeth
  • Repair of structurally compromised teeth, including fractures and knocked-out teeth
  • Pain management for wisdom tooth-related complications
  • Medication for oral infections
  • Relief of pain caused by metal braces

Do I Need Emergency Dental Services?

I’m unsure whether I need to find an emergency dental office near me. What types of symptoms require emergency dental care?

There are several common dental health problems that are considered emergencies. Contact local emergency dentists as quickly as possible if the following conditions and symptoms occur:

Structurally Damaged Teeth

If your tooth has become fractured or broken, emergency dentists may be able to repair the damage. Dental wax can be used to prevent jagged edges of the tooth from scratching your tongue or cheek. We recommend booking an appointment immediately if your tooth is cracked or broken.

Avulsed Tooth (Knocked-Out Tooth)

Dentists often refer to a knocked-out tooth as an “avulsed tooth.” If your tooth is knocked out during sports or other activities, don’t panic, instead, call our office to make an appointment. If you act quickly, emergency dentists may be able to re-implant the tooth.

Intense Oral Pain and Pressure

A severe toothache has multiple causes and shouldn’t be disregarded, especially if you also have an earache or fever. Contact our office if you’re experiencing persistent pressure or pain.

Oral Sensitivity

While a mild case of tooth sensitivity may not require emergency care, a tooth that suddenly becomes tender may be infected or injured. If you’re experiencing severe sensitivity, contact us to book an appointment.


Untreated dental decay can cause large cavities, which leave the tooth’s root exposed and cause severe discomfort. Fortunately, emergency dentists can treat the cavity and preserve as much of the tooth as possible.

Tooth Abscess

Severe periodontal disease or tooth decay can lead to an abscessed tooth. When a tooth is abscessed, it causes severe pain, fever, and swelling around the face or neck. Call our office immediately if you suspect an abscess, as this infection can cause dangerous complications if left alone.

Missing or Loose Tooth Fillings

If you’ve lost a tooth filling, you may notice pain or sensitivity around the affected tooth. Our dentists can replace your filling, relieving your pain while protecting the tooth from damage.

Damaged or Lost Restorations and Crowns

Broken or lost crowns and restorations often cause cosmetic problems with your smile, and they also leave the area vulnerable to injury. Please call our office for a temporary or permanent appliance that restores your smile.

Pain Caused by Orthodontics

Many braces wearers experience gum irritation or sores due to metal brackets and wires. If this discomfort has become unmanageable, contact emergency dentists near you. They’ll stabilize your appliance and relieve your symptoms.

Damaged Tooth Enamel

Constant teeth grinding can wear down the enamel over time. In this case, a night guard or enamel reinforcement may be needed to protect your teeth from additional damage.

Sinus Pain

Are you experiencing sinus pain that’s accompanied by a toothache? If so, visit an emergency dentist to rule out an infection or an impacted wisdom tooth.

What to Do When Your Symptoms are Serious

My dental health emergency seems severe. Should I call 911 or wait to visit an emergency dental office near me?

Some symptoms require specialized urgent dental care and should be evaluated by a medical professional as quickly as possible. Visit an area emergency room or contact your primary care physician if the following occur:

  • Severe head, neck, or jaw injuries
  • Persistent bleeding from the mouth
  • Severe swelling surrounding the face or gums

How Much Will My Emergency Dental Care Cost?

Many patients have concerns about their out-of-pocket expenses when an emergency procedure is necessary. The emergency dentists in South Hampton Roads calculate the final charges based on your insurance, the amount of treatment needed, and the complexity of your oral health issues. We’re committed to providing affordable emergency dental services to all patients regardless of budget, so contact us to find out how we can help. We offer several money-saving options. To find out more about how you can save money on urgent dental care, contact our office today.

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