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What is a Kid’s Dentist?

A pediatric dentist has two additional years of training in dentistry for children. There are dental concerns specific to children. However, many parents bring their child to their family dentist so the whole family has the same dentist. Knowing the family’s dental history can be helpful for the dentist as well. Family or general dentists treat children as young as six months old.

When Should My Baby Get His or Her First Dental Exam?

Start looking for a “children’s dentist near me” before your child turns one, since that is when he or she should have their first checkup. We want to make the visit as pleasant as possible for your child so that they look forward to their six-month checkups. A pediatric dentist will explain how you should clean your baby’s teeth until you can begin teaching them to brush. Call our office to schedule your child’s visit with a children’s dentist in South Hampton Roads.

What Will My Child’s First Visit to a Children’s Dentist Be Like?

Often, it is just an examination, without x-rays. Some pediatric dentists allow children to sit in their parent’s lap on the chair during the exam. The dentist will answer your questions and explain how you can prevent cavities in your child’s baby teeth with good oral hygiene habits at home. If you have a fear of dentists, do not let your child see your anxiety, they will learn to fear dental visits.

Children’s Dental Services

Services we offer our young patients include:

Teeth Cleaning for Children

Typically, it’s a good idea to start having your child’s teeth professionally cleaned at an early age. If you don’t believe your child is ready, speak to our dentist about waiting until he or she can sit still long enough for the procedure.


A topical fluoride treatment is a normal cavity-fighting part of kid’s dental care. To help protect your child’s teeth from decay and disease with a fluoride treatment, call our office to schedule an appointment.

Dental Sealants

Exactly as the name implies, dental sealants place a barrier between tooth enamel and the bacteria that causes cavities. The pleasant tasting sealant is applied with a small brush. The application is easy and the treatment is effective for approximately five years, possibly longer.


Typically, a children’s dentist uses an amalgam (metal) filling for baby teeth, since the tooth will eventually fall out, however we can use composite filling materials as well.

Pediatric Crowns

A child may need a pediatric crown after a large filling or a root canal. The crown restores the tooth’s structural integrity and allows the child to chew normally.


Mouthguards help prevent broken and knocked-out teeth in children who participate in contact sports. They cushion blows, protecting the teeth and gums.

When Do Baby Teeth Come In?

The average baby starts teething at six months, although it can be as early as four months old and as late as seven months. Baby teeth generally appear in pairs.

When Do Baby Teeth Fall Out?

Baby teeth can fall out when your child is anywhere from six to 10 years old. The teeth generally fall out in the same order they first emerged, with the bottom, front two teeth falling out first.

What Causes Toothaches in Children?

Tooth decay and infections are the most common reason for children to have a toothache. Make sure that your child hasn’t injured a tooth in a fall or accident. Having your child rinse with tepid water and a teaspoon of salt may help relieve the pain until you can visit a children’s dentist.

Contact our office where we specialize in dentistry for kids for an appointment. Our pediatric dentist will diagnose the problem and stop your child’s pain.

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