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Oral Hygiene: 5 Holiday Tips

With so much going on during the busy holiday season, it’s more important than ever to practice good oral hygiene. Whether you’re traveling out of town, preparing for visiting relatives or running last minute errands, don’t get overwhelmed by the holiday hustle and forget to take care of your teeth. By planning ahead and sticking to healthy habits, you can…

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Tongue Brushing: Brush Away Bad Breath

After you brush your teeth every morning, don’t put your toothbrush away. Give your tongue a good brushing, too. It may make your breath smell better. Bacteria love to grow on your tongue. It’s easy to forget about tongue brushing – until you realize this is where bacteria that produce foul odors thrive. When you don’t brush your tongue, leftover…

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Avoid Bruxism

Holiday Stress: Avoid Bruxism Despite our best intentions, holiday stress can creep up on us when we’re supposed to be enjoying the festivities with our families. A long holiday to-do list, visiting houseguests and constant shopping often leave many of us feeling uptight and stressed out. Too much stress can ruin the holidays; it can also bring on dental health…

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Protect Baby Teeth: Avoid Juice

Dr. Ashley Sara Most of the parents I meet understand the importance of brushing their children’s baby teeth to prevent cavities. Unfortunately, too many of them are not aware that one of the biggest culprits of tooth decay is sitting right in their fridge: juice. It’s easy to understand why parents make this mistake. Marketing companies misleadingly tout juice as…

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Quit Smoking: Improve Your Oral Health

Taking action to quit smoking is one of the best things you can do to improve your oral health and prevent gum disease. While most people know that smoking puts you at greater risk for cancer and heart disease, fewer are aware of its connection to dental health problems such as periodontitis — gum disease. In fact, smoking is one…

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Diabetes: Prevent Gum Disease

If you have diabetes, keeping your blood sugar levels in check can help prevent gum disease. It’s important advice that health officials repeat every November as part of American Diabetes Month®. Although roughly 1 in 11 people have diabetes in the United States, many struggle to manage this chronic illness and are unaware of the relationship between diabetes and gum…

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Stomach Acid Damages Teeth

Heartburn. Morning sickness. Vomiting. Stomach acid can ruin your teeth if you’re not careful. It’s normal to want to get rid of that awful taste in your mouth. Unfortunately, immediately reaching for your toothbrush is one of the last things you should do. Stomach acid ruins tooth enamel. Stomach acid, which has a PH of 1 or 2, can destroy…

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Dry Mouth: Simple Changes Can Make a Big Difference

Dry mouth is a pretty common experience for people who might be nervous about an upcoming job interview or an important speech they need to give. While it’s normal to occasionally have dry mouth, make sure you talk to your dentist about it if you notice that your mouth often feels like it isn’t wet. Having dry mouth can increase…

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Cavity Prevention: 4 Things You Should Know About Candy

For many people, October marks the beginning of a candy parade that begins with Halloween and ends months later with Valentine’s Day. Let’s face it, it’s hard to always say no when everywhere you turn, someone is offering you a piece of candy. If you have trick-or-treaters in your home, the temptation may be even harder to resist. Not only…

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Oral Health: Four Things Your Hygienist Wants You to Know

Your oral health has a direct connection to your overall health. Taking care of your teeth and your gums helps prevent oral infections, which can spread to other parts of your body. As part of National Dental Hygiene Month, dental hygienists nationwide are reminding their patients of four basic things they can do to improve their oral health. Follow these…

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