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Invisalign Health Benefits

Dr. Joshua O. Miranda A wonderful surprise to straightening your teeth with Invisalign clear aligners is discovering the health benefits that come with a confident smile. Having your teeth in proper alignment not only fixes gaps and crooked teeth, it also promotes good dental health. Invisalign can give you the smile you’ve always wanted. Unlike traditional wire braces and brackets,…

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Cosmetic Dentistry: Many options to make you smile.

Dr. Catherine Muldoon Cosmetic dentistry techniques include much more than just teeth whitening. Although whitening can make a big difference in how your smile looks, patients are often surprised to learn how easy it is to address a misaligned tooth or teeth that are noticeably smaller than they should be. If you have any wish to change the appearance of…

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Get a Brighter, Whiter, Healthier Smile

Dr. Emily Dimitroff Why Teeth Whitening Might be Right for You We all want a brighter smile. When brushing, regular check-ups and lifestyle changes just aren’t enough, teeth whitening is a safe, effective solution to bring back your pearly whites. Based on the questions I’ve received over the years, here’s everything you want to know about teeth whitening. Is professional…

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Invisalign® 101

Dr. Joseph C. Dobson, III How would you rate your smile? If crooked teeth have you saying anything less than a perfect ten, we’d like you meet Invisalign®. How does Invisalign® work? Invisalign® is a custom-fitted, nearly invisible aligner that gradually moves your teeth into place. It’s like braces, but instead of cumbersome and uncomfortable metal, it’s made of smooth, removable aligners. Can I use…

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