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We all care about our teeth and gums but we could be damaging them with bad habits

Are You Damaging Your Teeth with These 5 Habits?

We all care about our teeth and gums but we could be damaging them with bad habits

We all care about our teeth and gums, but we could be damaging them with bad habits. All the brushing, flossing and rinsing in the world might not be able to reverse the impact—so be sure to avoid these five bad habits.

  1. Aggressive Toothpicks
    A classic staple of after-meal dental care, the toothpick is a great tool to clean out the hard-to-reach spots between your teeth when floss isn’t available. However, too much poking and prodding can cause bleeding and tissue damage.
  2. Early Morning Soda or Energy Drink
    Caffeine helps the world go round. However, choosing a caffeine source like a soda or energy drink can hurt your smile. Like lemons, carbonated beverages and energy drinks are acidic and damage your gum line and tooth enamel. The massive hit of sugar is also bad for your teeth, not to mention it leaves you with a drop in energy once the sugary spike has worn off.
  3. Using Tobacco Products
    This is a no-brainer, but always worth mentioning. Tobacco products can cause tooth staining, make it harder to recover from oral surgery and cause cancer.
  4. Chewing on Ice
    How many times did your parents tell you not to chew on ice? They were 100% right to do so. When you chew on ice, the hardness and coldness of ice can case tiny cracks in your teeth. These tiny cracks can become major issues down the road. If you prefer your ice crushed, use an ice crusher or blender to chop it down to size.
  5. Tearing Things Open with Your Teeth
    This is another action that’s driven parents around the world mad for generations. Your teeth and jaw are designed to grind down food, not tear open packaging. Use your hands instead—your teeth with thank you.

If you’re guilty of any of these teeth damaging habits, we’re happy to help. We offer teeth whitening at each of our eight Konikoff Dentistry locations, veneers, crowns and a host of many other cosmetic and restorative dental solutions. Want a more radiant smile? Make an appointment today and experience the Konikoff difference.

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