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Gum Care Awareness

How Important Is Good Gum Health?  September is Gum Care Awareness month, and its objective is to enlighten people about the importance of good gum health to their overall physical health. If your gums aren’t healthy, your body won’t be healthy because the bacteria that cause inflammation and infection in your gums will be carried via the bloodstream to the…

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Time to See an Emergency Dentist in South Hampton Roads

Have you or a family member ever been involved in a dental emergency? Maybe you were eating a snack and bit down on something hard, cracking your tooth. The pain that you feel in that moment would be intense and shoot throughout your whole jaw. Trust us, you will know for sure that there is no way you can wait…

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Basic Dental Care in South Hampton Roads

Good oral hygiene is one of the best ways to ensure that you have good physical health. Statistics have shown a direct correlation between good oral health and good physical health. Conversely, there’s a direct correlation between poor oral health and poor physical health that encourages the onset of serious diseases such as diabetes, dementia, and heart disease. Avoiding these…

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Do You Need an Oral Surgeon?

To the patient, a dentist may be a dentist. However, an oral surgeon is a specialized dentist who has completed the required four years of general dentistry training as well as four additional years of surgical residency in a hospital. These dentists are called oral surgeons and they specialize in advanced dentistry procedures that may require surgery, such as: Broken…

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Uncover the Truth About Root Canal Treatment

Are you hesitant about seeing a dentist when you have a very painful tooth because you fear you will need a root canal? There is nothing to fear. A root canal does not hurt; it’s not the dreaded procedure it was when your grandparents had one. The treatment will end the intense pain you’re feeling and you will only experience…

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What to Expect With a Tooth Extraction

Fear of the dentist’s office is so common that there are two words to describe it: dentophobia and odontophobia. They both mean the same thing, which is an extreme or irrational fear of the dentist’s office. To the dental patient, however, the fear is anything but irrational, and it’s understandable even to those who have no such fear. A dental…

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Understanding Sensitive Teeth

If you have ever experienced a painful or uncomfortable reaction to hot or cold food or when biting down on something, you already know the primary symptom of sensitive teeth. This condition is estimated to affect more than 12 percent of adults in the United States. In general, the cause of tooth sensitivity is related to the condition of the…

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Cavity Prevention Advice for Everyone

You may think of cavities as a problem that only children have. In fact, cavities can affect anyone who has teeth. This includes toddlers, senior citizens and everyone in between. Your dentist can often provide you with advice on the right way to brush, floss, and care for your teeth. By working with an affordable dentist in South Hampton Roads, you can…

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Reasons and Remedies for Tooth Discoloration

Dark and discolored teeth can affect a person’s confidence levels. Find out about the steps you can take to make your smile whiter and your outlook on life brighter by reading the complete article. What Causes Stained Teeth? There are many possible culprits when it comes stained or discolored teeth. Aging is one such culprit. As we grow older, the…

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Why Flossing Is A Must, Not A Maybe

Everyone should have been taught the importance of brushing their teeth two times each day at a minimum. However, dental experts now want to make it very clear that twice-daily brushing isn’t enough. We need to floss at least once each day, preferably before bedtime, if we’re to have optimal oral health. After eating or drinking, a sticky film forms…

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